Ngobia B. Benson


Lecturer & Timetabling Coordinator School of Education, Arts & Social Sciences

E-mail Address

Academic Qualification

  • MA Digital Communication (United States International University-Africa)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education (KCAU)
  • BA Theatre Arts and Film Technology (Kenyatta University)

Membership of Professional Bodies or Associations

  • Nakuru Players Society (Chairperson, 2019 – 2023)
  • Theatre Arts Practitioners Society of Kenya (TAPS)
  • Kenya Universities Performing Arts Association (Vice Chair, 2021 – 2023)
  • National Drama Welfare Association (Treasurer, 2018 to date)

Government Appointments

  • Chairperson, Film Sector Skills Advisory Council (SSAC), TVETA, 2019 – 2022
  • Director, Kenya International Theatre Festival, 2023 to date
  • Chair of Jury, Kenya Theatre Awards, 2021 – 2023
  • Panel Secretary, Performing Arts CBC Design Panel, KICD, 2019 to date
  • Executive Committee Member, Kenya Music & Cultural Festival, 2022 to date


Benson Ngobia facilitates learning in the areas of film and digital media, where he champions a practice-oriented model to learning and assessment. He supports relevant university functions such as audio visual communication and marketing.

He brings on board wealth of experience in the creative sector, having undertaken artistic projects in producing TV shows, executing theatrical tours, initiating film development programs in Kenyan schools to complement government efforts in teaching of the arts at basic education level. He is a resource person for various Ministry of Education agencies, such as KICD and TVETA, where he has supported their curriculum development processes in the arts, and the Kenya National Drama and Film Festival, where he is a regular trainer of trainers and adjudicator.

He is also the founder and convenor of the Kenya Film Summit.

Research Interest

  • Film & Theatre in the Digital Age, Convergence of Artistic Forms Using Digital Media, Curriculum Design for the Arts in Basic and Higher Education

Selected Productions (Movies, Plays & Films)

  1. Do or Die (2024) feature film awaiting release
  2. Sisters Alone (2023) feature film now showing on Maisha Magic and Showmax
  3. Ego Check (2023) feature film now showing on Maisha Magic and Showmax
  4. Burn It Up (2020) premiered at CUEA LRC Hall, screened on Edu TV, Citizen TV, Viusasa
  5. Barua (2020) Short film supported by Kenya Film Commission, available on YouTube
  6. Sista Sista (Award Winning 2019 Film) premiered at CUEA LRC Hall, screened on Edu TV, Citizen TV, Viusasa
  7. Scarred (Award Winning 2018 Film) premiered at CUEA LRC Hall, screened on Edu TV, Citizen TV, Viusasa
  8. Boomerang! (Award Winning 2017 Film) premiered at Imax Nairobi and Zanzibar International Film Festival, screened on Citizen TV, Viusasa
  9. She Got Game (Award Winning 2016 Film) premiered at iMAX Nairobi and Zanzibar International Festival, screened on Citizen TV, Viusasa
  10. I Will Sing (2015 Film) premiered at Loreto Convent Msongari, Nairobi
  11. Form 1 (Award Winning 2015 Film) premiered at Menengai High School, Nakuru
  12. Pressure Points (2012 Film) premiered at Menengai High School, Nakuru
  13. The School Run (2012 Film) screened at the London Olympics

Conferences & Chapters

Priming Theory in a Kenyan Context: An Exploratory Study Evaluating President Kenyatta’s Performance on Fighting Corruption presented at the African Association for Rhetoric Conference (AAR) held at USIU-Africa, July 2022

Session Chair, Paper presentations on decolonization, at the Performing Arts Conference, held at the Kenya National Theatre, February 2022

Interrogating Netflix and the VOD Disruption in Kenyan Cinema, paper presented at the Lagos Studies Association 2023 Conference at the University of Lagos, Nigeria, June 2023

Chinese Take-over: Myth or Looming Reality? Refereed paper presented at the 11th Annual International Interdisciplinary Conference June 23 to 26, 2021 at Multimedia University

Navigating Film Adjudication in the Kenya National Drama & Film Festival, Non-refereed paper presented at the Ministry of Education National Adjudicators Workshop on 12th June 2021 at Chania High School, Thika.

The Mechanics of Spoken Word Performance, Non-refereed paper presented at the Ministry of Education Trainers Workshop in January, 2020 at Kangaru School, Embu

The Nexus Between Digital Communication and Film Consumption among the Elite Youth in Nairobi: A Case Study of Private University Students in Nairobi, Refereed paper presented at the 3rd biennial African Studies Association of Africa Conference in October, 2019, at USIU-A, Nairobi.


Interrogating the Digital Shift in Film Consumption Trends in Nairobi

Ngobia B. Benson