KCA-UMICH Virtual Exchange Grants/Scholarship for Swahili Students in the School of Education


The KCA University Virtual Exchange Initiative along with the school of education (Swahili Language students) is developing a Virtual Exchange with the University of Michigan Swahili language program. Virtual exchange is a pedagogy that connects international peers for meaningful and sustained interaction – discussion and collaborative project work – in the context of their regular coursework. This virtual exchange will transport our student teachers from their classroom to a “real”, albeit virtual, world of Swahili language and culture and, more importantly, it will allow KCAU students to make connections and begin to form relationships with university peers at UMICH. We expect that this virtual exchange will provide KCAU Swahili student with a very meaningful and relevant context in which to practice their Swahili language pedagogical and teaching skills and apply their cultural knowledge to the conversational setting. KCAU students will also gain the opportunity to apply and refine what they have been learning in teacher preparation courses to the “real-world” context of learners of Swahili with the added value of gaining first-hand immersion experience with the global education pedagogy of virtual exchange and with teaching language in an online environment.

Requirements for Application

  • You must be a KCA student but students who graduated in November 2021 are also encouraged to apply especially the coordinator role
  • You must be a student-teacher in the school of education pursuing Kiswahili as a teaching subject.
  • You must be a member of Chama cha Kiswahili cha KCA (CHAKIKCA)